The Cedar Ridge Band Program provides excellence in fine arts education through its curriculum, which emphasizes individual performance, chamber music participation, concert contests, contemporary, corps style marching, and performance in some of the finest facilities in the country. The instrumental music curriculum offers courses in band, jazz, and orchestra. All of these courses are full year courses and students are expected to actively participate in the full year of the course in order to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Music and advance through the Cedar Ridge Band Program. 

Concert Bands

All member of the Cedar Ridge Band Program are assigned by audition to one of several ability-level concert bands that meet as an academic class. Initial placement in one of the bands will occur no later than late May prior to the end of the school year. For the second semester, every student will go through an audition process to determine the concert band he/she will be placed. There are six band classes that the students will be placed in each semester: Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Color Guard. Members of all classes, except the Jazz Band, are required to participate in the Cedar Ridge Marching Band.

The four concert bands combine to form the Marching Band during the fall semester, but meet at different times during the school day. Placement in each is determined by playing ability and developmental level. After marching season, students usually have one or two after-school rehearsals each week. The concert bands do most of the same activities the middle school bands do during the spring semester, however, the high school students travel more and occasionally have an overnight trip. 

Marching Band

All students who are in the Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Concert Band I, Concert Band II, Percussion, and Color Guard at Cedar Ridge High School are members of the marching band and are required to be at all after school rehearsals. 

As true Raider supporters and fans, we always hope that the marching band can support our football team at playoff football games. We also compete on several Saturdays in October and early November. Our marching band rehearsal, game and competitive performance schedule relates to the majority of other highly competitive band programs in our area and around the country. It is very intense, but also very fun and rewarding

Color Guard & Winter Guard

The Color Guard is part of the Cedar Ridge Band Program and participates in all the same activities as the marching band. There are no exemptions from participating in the marching band. Following marching season, students will begin preparation for the Winter Guard season. In the spring semester, the Winter Guard rehearses, performs, and competes at events much like the concert bands. Membership is open to anyone that qualifies after screening by the Cedar Ridge Band Staff. No experience is necessary to become a member of the color guard. 


In the Fall semseter, the percussion program is is placed in one class period. In December, all percussion students will audition for a concert band placement in the spring semester.