How is performance order determined?

Prelim performance times - The first half of registered bands to submit registration fees will be randomly drawn for the later half of performance times. Additional consideration may be given for bands who travel long distances or have students with conflicting UIL schedules (sports, choir, etc) although this is not guaranteed. Ultimately the goal is to provide the best competitive experience possible for everyone involved.

The 2018 TMC Grand Champion (if returning) is provided the opportunity to select their desired performance time, provided they have completed registration.

Finals performance times - The Finals performance order will be determined by a top-5, bottom-5 draw. The top five (5) scoring finalist bands will draw for the last five (5) performance times and the bottom five (5) scoring finalist bands will draw for the first five (5) performance times.

How is scoring calculated?

The scoring system uses a combination of judges scores for music, marching and visual effects/enhancement. The weight of the numbers in the TMC scoring system places 40% of the score within the area of general effect and 60% within the performance area.
The point allotment for the competition is as follows:

30% Average of Music Performance (Individual), judged on the field and Music Performance (Ensemble), judged from the stands

30% Average of Visual Performance (Individual), judged from the field and Visual Performance (Ensemble), judged from the stands

40% Average of General Effect Visual, judged from the highest point in the stands and General Effect Music, judged from the highest point in the stands

How do we get feedback from the judges?

Bands receive a recorded verbal evaluation from each judge. Recorded evaluations and scanned images of written critique will be made available via Dropbox, Google Drive, or CompetitionSuite. The timing of availability of these evaluations is as follows:

Written score sheets and verbal evaluations for bands not qualifying for Finals will be made available approximately 15 minutes after the Preliminary Awards Ceremony.

Bands who qualify for Finals competition will be able to download their verbal evaluation from Preliminaries competition approximately 15 minutes after the Preliminary Awards Ceremony however written evaluations from Preliminary competition will only be made available following Finals competition.

Finals competition evaluations (both written and verbal) will be made available approximately 15 minutes following the completion of the Full Retreat held at the end of the Finals competition. Bands competing in Finals will also receive their written evaluations from Preliminaries at this time.

What Awards/Trophies will be distributed?

After preliminaries the top three (3) bands in each classification will be given a trophy. There will also be five (5) caption awards. The 5 caption trophies are for Visual, Music, General Effect, Color Guard, and Percussion.

There will be 1st/2nd/3rd place trophies for the top three (3) bands. The remaining bands (placing 4th-10th) will receive a finals qualifier trophy. There will be caption trophies for Visual, Music, General Effect, Color Guard, and Percussion. Individual medals will also be given to each member of the grand champion (1st place) band.

All bands will receive a participation trophy to commemorate your band's performance at the Texas Marching Classic.

Can I leave the competition and come back later?

Spectators may leave during the competition and return provided:

You are wearing your TMC wrist band.

You are returning during the same session as you left or have purchased a full day admissions wrist band

Parking has unlimited in/out privileges for the competition so you may take your vehicle and return provided you display your parking pass in the lower left of your front windshield.

How much is parking?

Spectator parking for the full day is $5.00 per vehicle (CASH ONLY!). The parking permit will allow you to come-and-go (often called in/out privilege) as long as your permit is displayed in the front window of the vehicle.