Cedar Ridge Raider Band on Facebook
Visit the "official" site to see all of the photos of our band at practices, at games, and at competitions; all taken by our designated band photographer.  

CRHS Raider Band Fans Group on Facebook
Join the CRHS Raider Band Fans Group on Facebook to share your own photos with other families. 

As an organization, the band relies heavily on GroupMe.com to share information. The app is free to download and there are groups for parents and for students.  

Cedar Ridge Band Parent GROUPME 
Join this group and you’ll always know what’s going on.  It’s a great way to ask questions and get help when you need it. 


Create you account today and use to see all of the Raider Band & Guard signups.  Select "Find a SignUp" and search for the addresses below:
volunteers@crhsraiderband.org - find active SignUps for the Raider Band & Color Guard
crhsbandaid@gmail.com - find active SignUps for Dell Diamond & HEB Center

This weekly email is sent to you from your parent leadership team.  Stay informed about upcoming band events plus hear about volunteer opportunities and how you can support your child through our Raider Band & Guard programs.  NOTE:  If you have a gmail account, please check your promotions tab if you aren't receiving this email.

A weekly email sent to you from the Directors.  Stay informed and receive detailed information about practice schedules, performances,  concerts and general information


Get updates from the Directors! - @raiderbandstaff