Taking the Cedar Ridge Raider Band on the Road!
Taking a musical production with large props, hundreds of musical instruments, technical equipment and, most importantly, 200+ high school students on the road to football games and competitions is a huge undertaking.  We can't do it without your help! 

Parent support is especially important during marching season. From August to November, our band travels to football games and participates in competitions throughout the Central Texas area.  Your help allows the Band Directors to focus their attention on our students and their marching show. 

Concessions - prepare food and beverages, and assist customers at football games.  This is our most critical need during marching season!  For more information visit the concessions page on this website.

Chaperones – travel on the buses with the Band & Color Guard to all football games and competitions.  They assist in all capacities as needed and maintain the safety of our students at all times.

Raider Meals – serve meals and drinks to students on football game nights and at competitions.  This includes meal set up and clean up.

Pit Crew – responsible for the loading and unloading of instruments and props on football game nights and at competitions.  They maintain the safety of our equipment at all times.

Uniforms – travel on the buses with the Band & Color Guard as chaperones, address any uniform issues, plume/deplume marching hats before/after marching performances.

       Color Guard – provide hair and makeup assistance to students prior to performances, chaperone assist with meal service and

Don't wait to be asked!  If you can help in any way contact: volunteers@crhsraiderband.org