Weekly Update July 30 - August 3

Raider Band Students and Parents,


Wow, what a GREAT week we’ve had as we’ve ramped up the 2018 marching season! Colorguard and Percussion students have hit the ground running and the student leadership team has come together to work with our freshmen wind players to get them started on their journey as a new high school band member. We’re looking forward to seeing ALL students back on Monday!


***I just received our teacher schedule for professional development days. Rehearsal times for August 6th-August 14th have been revised based on director availability. The band calendar has been updated on crhsraiderband.org***



Thank you to everyone that came to registration. It was wonderful meeting so many of you and I’m excited to work with you in the coming days!

  • If you weren’t able to attend, we’ll be communicating with you early next week.

  • I’m adding a link to the slideshow presentation at the bottom of this email, so you can have a general idea of what I discussed in our meetings, please contact me with any questions


Fundraising - We are always looking for help!    We need you!   We’re in this together!



Stand Managers are needed for Varsity games (3 managers) and JV games (2 managers).  For both positions, you will be trained and as stand manager you will assign roles as volunteers arrive to the stand, ensure all positions are filled throughout the game, and have fun! You can be a RRISD employee and be stand manager by assigning someone else to handle money. Varsity games are held at Kelly Reeves and Dragon Stadium (one Thursday and 4 Friday games). JV games are held at Cedar Ridge on Thursdays. If you have managed a stand before, would you be willing to manage a game or two? Let us know by contacting Barbara Bradfield at parliamentarian@crhsraiderband.org


We ask that each family sign up for at least two concession shifts.  Please look for a Sign Up link from our Boosters in the coming days - thank you! Questions?: vp@crhsraiderband.org



  • Our first group fundraiser will be SnapRaise

  • Flyers were handed out at registration, I've attached it to this email, and we will distribute more flyers to students on Monday

  • We ask that everyone participate in this fundraiser - what makes it great is that don’t have to sell anything!

  • Students will turn in their flyer, with email addresses filled in, on Friday August 3rd.



  • Requested Parent Meeting: Thursday August 2nd, 6:30pm @ CRHS

    • The company will give us $5 for every parent in attendance, up to $500, for free

  • Date of event: Saturday August 18th

    • More info coming soon




Monday 7/30

8am-9am - ALL Students meet in lecture hall

9am-Noon - Outdoor Rehearsal

Noon-1pm - Lunch - Always bring food and fuel your body!

1pm-4pm - Indoor rehearsal


Tuesday 7/31

8am-11:30am - Outdoor Rehearsal (we will BEGIN at 8am outside - arrive before 8am please)

11:30am-1pm - Lunch (longer lunch than usual - enjoy time with your friends and new band members)

1pm-4pm - Indoor Rehearsal


Wednesday 8/1

8am-Noon - Outdoor Rehearsal

Noon-1pm - Lunch

1pm-4pm - Indoor Rehearsal


Thursday 8/2

8am-Noon - Outdoor Rehearsal

Noon-1pm - Lunch

1pm-4pm - Indoor Rehearsal

4pm-5pm - Break, bring a snack and/or dinner to eat

5pm-7pm - Outdoor Rehearsal


Friday - SnapRaise Email Sheets Turned to Directors Today

8am-Noon - Outdoor Rehearsal

Noon-1pm - Lunch

1pm-4pm - Indoor Rehearsal

4pm-5pm - Break, bring a snack and/or dinner to eat

5pm-7pm - Outdoor Rehearsal


Again - please check the band calendar for updates to the summer camp days of August 6th-14th.


Have a GREAT weekend!


John Peterson

CRHS Bands


Registration Slideshow: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UGGwiOUx19UVqgF60j99BLy5SBKyCkWC/view?usp=sharing