Raider Band Weekly Update Jan 14 - Jan 18

Raider Band Students and Parents,

We’ve had a good first week back to school and it’s been fun listening to the students create their first ensemble sounds together in the classrooms!

Best of luck to our eight students who will be competing to become members of the Texas All-State Band as they audition tomorrow at Duncanville High School in the south Dallas area!

Mulch Fundraiser - orders have started coming in!

As you’ve seen, the boosters are working on taking orders for this year’s fundraiser. Our goal is to have the greater CRHS community help support the band program through this fundraiser. Anything you can do to get the word out or put the flyer in different places would be very helpful! Neighborhood Facebook Pages, HOAs, mail boxes, coffee shops - the fact of the matter is that just posting the flyer to the band Facebook page isn’t going to be enough to make this event successful. I've attached the most recent/updated flyer to this email.

Depending on how many orders are made, and deliveries we need to make, we may need to ask for help from anyone who owns a pickup truck to help with deliveries, in addition to the box trucks we already plan on renting (I’m going to borrow my Dad’s truck so I can help, too!) Delivery date is Saturday March 2nd.

Making all of these fundraising efforts successful takes work from all of us. The money raised in the Spring pays for so many things throughout the year including, marching competitions, support staff, transportation, winter guard activities, equipment purchases, scholarships and much much more. For 2019 to be successful, we need your help. Please help by contributing your time and support these efforts.

Band Fee Payments

All outstanding band fees are two months past due and outstanding balances have been added to the “Obligation List” with the high school. Please let me know if you need help finding what you may owe. Band fee payments can be made online at or by check to “CRHS Band” and put in the safe next to my office.

Band Winter Olympics - Friday January 18th, 6-10pm, CRHS

This student-led event is similar to the outdoor event during Summer Band, but indoors! Students will compete in sections and this event will also include our 7th and 8th grade band students as well. Student leadership should have already communicated to the students about bringing food, etc.

Region Band Clinics and Concert - Friday January 25th & Saturday January 26th @ Weiss HS

Students who competed in the All-Region process and made the band will participate in rehearsals and concerts. Their schedule was included in the music folder they received from the clinic hosts. Please plan transportation and meals accordingly on your own.

Varsity Winterguard Contest - Saturday January 26th @ Westwood HS

Winterguard competes in their first contest! Schedule TBA. Also, first guard fee payment due today $100 made out to CRHS BB or online at

San Fran Trip - Next Payment and Eligibility

Next payment is due Sunday January 20th. Again, students, please remember, you must maintain your academic eligibility at the end of the 4th Six Weeks in order to go on the trip!! Eligibility check report cards happen on February 15th.

Next Week’s Rehearsal Schedule

Monday January 14th

7:50-8:50am Wind Ensemble Flutes and Oboes

4:45-5:45pm Wind Symphony Saxophones

4:45-6:15pm Symphonic Band Clarinets

Tuesday January 15th

7:50-8:50am Wind Ensemble Clarinets

7:45-8:45am Wind Symphony Flute/Oboes

4:45-5:45pm Wind Symphony Trombones

4:45-6:15pm Symphonic Band High Brass

Wednesday January 16th

7:50-8:50am Wind Ensemble French Horns

7:45-8:45am Wind Symphony Clarinets

4:45pm Trumpet Club

Thursday January 17th

7:50-8:50am Wind Ensemble Trumpets

7:45-8:45am Wind Symphony Trumpets

4:30-6:00pm Wind Ensemble Full Orchestra Rehearsal

4:30-5:30pm Battery MLK Parade Prep

4:45-5:45pm Wind Symphony Bassoon/Bass Clarinets/Euphonium/Tuba

4:45-6:15pm Symphonic Band Flute/Oboe/Saxophone

Friday January 18th

7:50-8:50am Wind Ensemble Trombones

Looking Ahead

January 25th/26th - Region Clinics and Concerts @ Weiss HS

January 26th - Varsity Winter Guard @ Westwood HS

February 2nd - Varsity Winter Guard in San Antonio

February 7th - Winter Concert @ Hartfield PAC (next to McNeil HS)

February 21st - Wind Ensemble Full Orchestra PreUIL Concert

February 23rd - Varsity Winter Guard @ Cedar Park HS

Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!