Raider Band Weekly Update Jan 28 - Feb 1

Raider Band Students and Parents,

Things are busy as usual! Thanks to all the students who joined us last week for “Winter Olympics”, thank you drumline for performing in the Round Rock MLK parade last weekend, good luck to our Winter Guard as they perform in their first contest this weekend, “have fun” to our members of the All Region bands as they rehearse today and tomorrow for their performances tomorrow night, we’ve sold over 600 bags of mulch and will be taking orders for about another month (please still get the word out!), and we’re less than two weeks away from our first concert of 2019! Phew!

Student Teacher

If you see a new face around the band hall, we’re excited to have Ms. Iliana Reyna help us this semester. She’s a student teacher from the University of Texas at Austin and her primary instrument is french horn!

Band Booster Positions

Just a reminder that the time is “very soon” for us to be ready for next year with the band booster positions. In addition to other positions that are available, the current president will be “graduating out” and the treasurer has met her two-year-maximum for that role per the bylaws. These two positions are required in order to have a booster organization. I’m excited to have new ideas and fresh eyes as we move in to the future together! Please be on the lookout for communication from the boosters regarding a nomination committee and other information about the process to become elected to the executive board. Thank you!

Band Fee Payments

We emailed out your current statements a few days ago - all outstanding band fees are two months past due and outstanding balances have been added to the “Obligation List” with the high school. Please let me know if you need help finding what you may owe. Band fee payments can be made online at or by check to “CRHS Band” and put in the safe next to my office. Thank you!

Varsity Winterguard Contest - Saturday January 26th @ Westwood HS

Winterguard competes in their first contest! Their performance time is 3:22pm if you’d like to attend!

Region Band Clinics and Concert - Friday January 25th & Saturday January 26th @ Weiss HS

Students who competed in the All-Region process and made the band will participate in rehearsals and concerts. Their schedule was included in the music folder they received from the clinic hosts.

Mulch! : 600+ bags sold so far, but a LONG way to go til our goal! Taking orders until 2/22!

The goal of this fundraiser is to have the greater-CRHS-community make these purchases (if they’re gonna buy it anyway, why not from us, and we’ll deliver!). The main trick is getting the word out. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated - social media HOA/neighborhood webpages, etc - please help spread the word!

San Fran Trip Reminders

Final payment is next month - please make sure your trip payment account is up to date! Make payments through the company webpage, Again, please remember, students must be academically eligible to go on the trip.

Old Uniforms for Sale

Reminder that you may purchase the old uniform as memorabilia if you wish. You have two weeks to take advantage of this opportunity. Please reference the email I sent on Monday January 14th for more details.

Next Week’s Rehearsals

I’m arranging these rehearsals by performance group in hopes that it’s easier to read.

Wind Ensemble

Tuesday 1/29 - French Horns 7:50am

Wednesday 1/30 - Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, All Saxes, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet 7:50am

Thursday 1/31 - Trumpets 7:50am

Wind Symphony

Monday 1/28 - Saxes 4:45pm

Tuesday 1/29 -  Flute/Oboe 7:45am; Trombones 4:45pm

Wednesday 1/30 - Clarinets 7:45am

Thursday 1/31 - Trumpets/Horns 7:45am

Symphonic Band

Monday 1/28 - Clarinets 4:45pm

Tuesday 1/29 - High Brass 4:45pm

Thursday 1/31 - Flute/Oboe/Sax 4:45pm

Friday 2/1 - Low Brass 4:45pm

Other Ensembles

Flute Choir Wednesday after school

Trumpet Club Wednesday after school

Drum Club Tuesday after school

Full Orchestra - Thursday 4:30-6:00pm

Looking Ahead

February 2nd - Varsity Winter Guard in San Antonio

February 7th - Winter Concert @ Hartfield PAC (next to McNeil HS)

February 21st - Wind Ensemble Full Orchestra PreUIL Concert

February 23rd - Varsity Winter Guard @ Cedar Park HS

Thanks everyone! Have a nice weekend!